Into the Unknown — Zero Division
Through the Night

Into the Unknown

»Into the Unknown« is ZERO DIVISION’s second offering. The six-track sees a departure of their first EP’s sugary sound in favor of a grittier, more defined approach.

Track List:

  1. Life Is Today — 4:17
  2. Wheel of Time — 5:49
  3. Zero Division — 5:04
  4. Starchaser — 4:10
  5. Desolation Road — 4:33
  6. Vendetta’s Calling — 4:25
All music written by Mario Dederichs and Jan Vetter, except track #1 written by Mario Dederichs, Florian Langenbucher, and Jan Vetter; all songs arranged by Zero Division; all lyrics by Mario Dederichs; recorded & mixed at Big Easy Studios, Germany; mastered at Trash Town Studios, Germany. Cover photography by Eleni Preza
  • Release Date : Oct 1st, 2012

  • Label : Raptor Circus